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Sliver of Hope: The beginning. Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn & Dr. Bridget Parsh

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Metahab’s new podcast profiles the inspirational story of  Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn who has survived a death event in 1990, requiring 22 minutes of CPR to come back to life. Learn how Dr. Mikal-Flynn used this experience to understand the mindset and ability of growth after trauma and how she created Metahabilitation, a new system and clinical pathway of recovery promoting this concept and ability.


Sliver Of Hope: Stage 1 Acute Recovery. TJ Shushereba

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn will share her inspiring conversations with T.J. Shushereba, Director of Hospitality and National Sales for Anomaly Vineyards in St. Helena. On March 9, 2018 T.J.’s life was forever changed when he faced the untimely and tragic death of both his wife, Dr. Jennifer Gonzales, and his unborn child, Cecilia Rose Shushereba. Dr. Gonzales-Shushereba worked as a clinical psychologist with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, spending most of her time at the Pathway Home in Yountville, CA.


Sliver Of Hope: Stage 2 Turning Point. Bill Finkbeiner

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn speaks with Bill Finkbeiner, a well-known, talented and very successful ultra marathoner. In 2017 Bill was out enjoying a run, something he has done daily since 1980, and was struck by a fast moving bicycle in a hit-and-run accident causing devastating effects. He suffered five facial fractures, a fractured skull, a broken hand, two broken teeth, and serious lacerations over much of his face and upper body. He has had a long road to recovery, but amazingly he was back on the trails the following year and has reinstituted his practice of daily runs.


Sliver Of Hope: Stage 3 Focus on Treatments. Karlee Cemo

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn speaks with Karlee Cemo-McIntosh, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Sacramento365, a brand of Visit Sacramento. In late 2015 her older sister Kristi, who lived in New Orleans and survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  Learn how Karlee dealt with this life event as she supported her sister and family. She found power in purpose by running as a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year. This 10-week fundraising campaign empowered Karlee and her family as she raised awareness and money to fund research in her sister’s name.


Sliver Of Hope: Stage 4 Acceptance and Adaptation. Sally and Lane Edwards

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn will share inspiring conversations with Lane and Sally Edwards. Lane, an avid traveller and snorkeling excursion aficionado had a life changing event on April 18, 2014 while doing something he had done with great success throughout his life: he dove in head first. This unfortunate accident led to him suffering a C4 spinal fracture. Both Lane and Sally, had to adapt and adjust to a new way of living. Now recovering, the experience became a catalyst in the creation of his nonprofit organization, Loving Lane, which provides financial support for others who have spinal cord injuries. He also chronicles his ongoing recovery journey to provide insights and hope to others. Hear how ‘Aunt Sally’, a highly decorated athlete and one of America's leading experts in business, exercise science, and healthy lifestyles, copes with the changes brought forth by this accident and what she has learned as she encourages Lane in his recovery.


Sliver Of Hope: Stage 5 Reintegration. Dave McGillivray

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn will speak with Dave McGillivray, a U.S. based road race director, philanthropist, author, and accomplished athlete who underwent triple bypass surgery in October, 2018. He is now focused on recovery and reaching his goal of running the Boston Marathon in April 2019. Dave has been the race director of the Boston Marathon since 1988. As director, he witnessed and bravely provided leadership during the tragic events of 2013 when two bombs detonated near the finish line, killing three people and injuring several hundred others. Hear his story chronicling that day and the aftermath as runners and the city of Boston recovered.


Sliver Of Hope: Stage 6 Metahabilitation. Damon West

This week on “A Sliver of Hope,” Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn will discuss the final stage of Metahab with Damon West. Damon’s inspiring story of survival from addiction and incarceration in a Texas penitentiary reveals how to use a ‘sliver a hope’ and turn tragedy into triumph. Now a motivational speaker and author of The Change Agent, he will soon receive a Masters in Criminal Justice from Lamar University. Hear how  Damon’s recovery from methamphetamine addiction, his arrest by the Dallas SWAT team and his sentence of 65 years in prison provided important life lessons, personal strength and purpose.


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