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Turning Tragedy Into Triumph; Metahabilitation, A Contemporary Model of Rehabilitation

Many times after a crisis or traumatic event, emphasis tends to focus on what is lost and the sadness of the situation for survivors, families and communities. Recognizing this reality, more recent research also addresses the notion of resilience and hope, revealing that growth can and does occur in the aftermath of such events as well. An essential aspect of recovery and rehabilitation is addressing unique problems faced by survivors and families while finding ways to move forward. A comprehensive and valuable resource for survivors, families, therapists and clinicians, Turing Tragedy Into Triumph uses current research and stories of survivors who, overtime, took control of their destiny and achieved post traumatic growth. Dr. Mikal-Flynn’s book offers a straightforward rehabilitation framework to address complex survival problems, providing a direct pathway to help guide one toward growth after trauma.


Metahabilitation Workbook for Survivors

When individuals experience a tragedy or traumatic event, what do they do? How do they successfully navigate through the crisis and manage its aftermath? Current rehabilitation models all too often ignore the potential for growth after trauma, failing to incorporate the survivor’s capacity, strengths and positive characteristics when planning for and directing their recovery. The Metahabilitation Workbook for Survivors addresses these limitations and provides a strengths-based recovery model, using the survivor’s hardiness, resilience and past successes in dealing with traumatic experiences, offering a clear pathway to toward recovery and post traumatic growth. Guided by current research, the workbook is an interactive guide allowing survivors time to review and write about former successes with challenging experiences, identify personal tools - strengths and abilities to be used in their recovery and personal growth after trauma.


Metahabilitation Workbook For Family and Friends

When individuals experience a tragedy or traumatic event, it does not happen just happen to them. Families and friends are also affected. They are not the same. Their lives changed too. In the aftermath of trauma, as the individual works toward recovery, families and friends use their time and energy to support the survivors healing process taking a backseat to their own feelings and needs. Support systems of survivors are necessary but too often they forget to care for themselves and address what the event did to their life. Research reveals that family and friends also need care and attention. If their needs are addressed early and openly they can also experience growth in the aftermath of trauma. The Metahabilitation Workbook for Family and Friends addresses their unique issues, using a strengths-based recovery model to support their hardiness, resilience and past successes but with a different focus. The emphasis is on how the trauma affected them and provides a clear pathway toward recovery and post traumatic growth for family and friends. This interactive workbook gives them time to reflect and write about their experience, separate from the survivor. They can review successes with past challenges, reveal what this event meant to their life, identify personal tools their strengths and abilities to help plan for a future and promote their growth after trauma.


Women, Wellness and Resilience Journal

Metahab encourages the health and wellness of women. The Women, Wellness and Resilience Journal uses scientific evidence, including suggestions for outdoor adventures, films, books and other significant materials to guide and enhance wellness - resilience, tranquility and healing. The precise goal of this interactive journal is to use expert information, recent trends and your own experience to bring forth personal awareness, insights and relaxation. Engaging with the thought-provoking material helps shift your focus, helping you to identify personal and professional challenges as opportunities that prompt stress-resilience, wellness and ultimately growth in your professional and personal life.